Multi-Residential Architecture

Multi Residential Architecture in Melbourne

Multi Residential Architecture in Melbourne

At Jesse Ant Architects, we’re able to maximise the features and benefits of all the sites we work on. Our approach to multi-residential architecture involves enhancing the quality of living each resident enjoys while developing the value of their property. Using a multi-residential architect is an efficient way to increase the value of each piece of land. As a talented team, we strive to boost each property’s appeal and attractiveness to prospective owners and developers.


Multi-residential architects who strive for perceptive design


Our team of multi-residential architects serves clients throughout Melbourne, Victoria. Whether you need us to construct a high-rise apartment tower, or a small block of studio flats, we strive to deliver high-end luxury results. In a world where people prize efficiency as much as they cherish aesthetics, our goal is to take an intelligent approach to design that neatly covers both bases while still providing the high level functionality every home needs. As a result, our clients benefit from dwellings that are easy to market and incredibly appealing.


Navigating the world of town planning


At Jesse Ant Architects, navigating the complex world of town planning is something we do best. This process can become quite complex when managing multi-residential architecture projects, which is why you need an experienced and talented team on your side. Thanks to our experience in the industry, we can take an evidence-based and intuitive approach to overcoming town planning and regulatory hurdles. Whether the planning process is straightforward or complicated, we have the tools you need for success.

Some of the services we’re able to provide as a part of our multi-residential projects include:

Feasibility plans

Building overlays and covenants

Town planning

Time frame plans

Level of design details

Taking a custom approach to multi-residential architecture


Thanks to a wealth of experience in multi-residential architecture, we’re able to take a custom approach to each project. Whether you envisage a block of studio flats that’s built from the ground up, or you want to repurpose an existing building, we’re up to the task.

In addition to design apartment buildings, we’re able to produce urban design / master plan for medium to large scale housing projects. Such projects are often carried out on a large land parcel, as well as on land rezoned for residential use. At the start of each project, we will develop the design strategies from different aspects such as traffic, community amenity, landscape, contemporary architecture language and neighborhood characters.  Throughout, we’ll communicate on the feasibility of the proposed design to the clients and strive to deliver exceptional contemporary urban design.

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