House Architects Melbourne

House Architects Melbourne

House Architects Melbourne

When you’re looking for a house architect, finding someone who delivers the level of detail you require sometimes feels challenging. At Jesse Ant Architects, our approach to house architecture is shaped to meet the client’s requirements. When you lead a busy life, the time you spend in your house often feels valuable. When you hire a modern house architect to plan your home to perfection, you’ll get more out of spending time in the place you enjoy the most.


Giving your home a unique identity


House design architecture is an excellent way to give your home a unique identity. With each of our projects, we’ll approach your house in a manner that honours the design you want. This applies to existing properties where you want to retain the original features, as well as homes you want to build from the ground up. Whether you’re looking for a modern house architector a team that can beautify and preserve an older building’s original features, Jesse Ant Architects is right for you.


A comprehensive approach to house architecture


When hiring a house architect, it’s important to find someone who takes a comprehensive approach. At Jesse Ant Architects, we deal with everything, ranging from planning and municipality issues to creating detail-orientated blueprints. We’re also able to shape our plans according to the unique environment your property is in. For example, we know that building a house in a rural setting comes with unique challenges. In response to such situations, we develop a strategy that addresses any complexities you’re worried about. Communication is important to us, so we’ll update you every step of the way. 


Efficient homes you will love


Our approach to efficient house architecture always keeps our clients happy. In addition to ensuring your property is aesthetically-pleasing, we’ll focus on creating environmentally friendly features. When working on each of our projects, we focus on how the results will impact your family life, neighbourhood, and surrounding environment. As a result, we’re able to produce highly efficient homes that you’ll love.

Our innovative approach to house design architecture is available to clients throughout Deepdene, Victoria, and surrounding areas. From your first consultation, we’ll take your ideas on board and create feasibility plans that bring them to life. We overcome all challenges using a cost-friendly approach and intuitive architectural tactics. Although we prize efficiency and speed, we always maintain excellent quality.

To learn more about our house architects or to arrange an appointment, call us on 03 9817 6788.