Education Architects Melbourne

Education Architects Melbourne

Education Architects Melbourne

At Jesse Ant, we are serious about giving Victoria's young people the start they deserve in life -- this is why we are proud to offer expert child care architect services in this region

Great educational institutions support learning and development. Excellent child care facilities support physical and emotional well-being for kids and staff members alike. Where does all of this come from? It comes from superlative quality in education architecture, delivered with the user in mind.

Welcome to Jesse Ant. We are a team of experienced and expert architects providing specialised educational and child care architecture services to clients in Melbourne and the surrounding area. To enlist us on your project, request a quote today. To discover more about what we offer, get in touch with our team.

It is critical that your space support the learning objectives of your pupils, their parents, your teaching staff and the governors of the institution. All of these stakeholders have their own needs, their own aims and their own metrics by which to measure success. 

Fulfilling all of these criteria requires an expert approach. At Jesse Ant, we are happy to provide this high level of expertise, and we are confident that we can go above and beyond expectations on your project.

What Sets Our Child Care Architect Services Apart


There are many reasons why clients keep on coming back to Jesse Ant for their child care architect solutions. Here are just a few;

An innovative approach coupled with commitments to tried and tested technology

Innovation is of high importance in modern architecture. Without innovation, there could be no forward progress, no leaps of development and evolution in the field. However, we understand that this must be underpinned with a solid knowledge of tried and tested technology. We seek to balance these two aspects of design, on the way to achieving the very best results for all clients.

A tailormade service for each client

We recognise that it is not enough simply to have expertise in the field. This is why we apply our expertise in a careful and considered way, to benefit every client. This means knowing when to listen, as well as when to advise.

Specialist knowledge across a range of disciplines

We believe in specialist knowledge, which is why we employ an expert team with the expert background and areas of speciality required to get the best for clients.

Understanding the unique requirements of the field

Child care architecture and architecture carried out for other educational purposes, is not like more traditional architectural forms. We have the expert understanding necessary to really thrive in the field.

Ready to get a quote on your child care architecture project? Need information on another service we offer? Get in touch with us today.